Malene Koch - autodidact painter. Lives and works in Klitmøller - the northwestern corner of Denmark. Her paintings are based on the collage technique. Photo, text, all types of paper and cardboard - cardboard boxes and large quantities of paint, creating more and more structure into the expression – a total of more than one dimension. The subject/ the story moves out and around the edge of the deep canvases - not to be limited.
The inspiration grows out of the big city moods, architectural lines, landscapes, silhouettes - indeed life on canvas. A weakness for graphic elements, letters, words and messages as well as a wealth of details also characterize Malene Koch's paintings. She works in both strong and more muted colors - in many different formats.
Performs also commissions; unique & specially designed for the purpose.

Selected exhibitions & references

MIVA Gallery, Solo exhibition
(january 2014), Malmö (SE)
20x20Visions, Groupshow
(september 2013), Copenhagen (DK)
MIVA Gallery, Solo exhibition
(october 2012), Malmö (SE)
MIVA Gallery, Solo exhibition
(september 2011), Malmö (SE)
Happy®xmas trees, Cultural charity event
(2010), Copenhagen (DK)
MIVA Gallery, Groupshow Gallerinattan
(september 2010, september 2011), Malmö (SE)
Copenhagen Art Fair
(2009, 2010), Falconér Centret, Copenhagen (DK)

Velux, Hørsholm (DK)
Shell, Copenhagen (DK)
Kroman Reumert, Copenhagen (DK)
DSB, Copenhagen (DK)
CODAN, Copenhagen (DK)
Dansk Sygeplejeråd, Copenhagen (DK)
TORM A/S, Hellerup (DK)
Weibulls Artgallery, Vedbæk (DK)
Forsikringsakademiet A/S, Rungsted (DK)
Dansac A/S, Fredensborg (DK)
Norpharma A/S, Hørsholm (DK)
Marsh A/S, Virum (DK)
Naviair, Kastrup (DK)